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STO Baseline Assessment Tools
Baseline Assessements
Ordinance Components
Flanking Measures

Status, potential and feasibility of a solar thermal ordinance in your community

Following categories of STO baseline assessment tools are available:

Tool 2.1: Baseline assessment
Tool 2.2: Potential of a STO

List of Tools
No. Title Type Info Download
2.1.1 STO Baseline Assessment Checklist Checklist Factsheet Download
2.1.2 STO Baseline Assessment Examples Examples Factsheet Download
2.1.3 European legislative framework for Solar Thermal Obligations Background Information Factsheet Download
2.1.4 Cost-Benefit-Analysis Guideline Factsheet Download
2.1.5 Public Hearings Guideline Factsheet Download
2.2.1 Sun Area location analysis for solar panel by laser scanning data External Tool Factsheet Download
2.2.2 Persuasive Messages Recommendations Factsheet Download
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