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STO Flanking Measures
Ordinance Components
Flanking Measures

Boosting the impact of your solar thermal ordinance

Following categories of STO flanking measures are available:

Tool 4.1: Local initiatives and campaigns
Tool 4.2: Demand side measures
Tool 4.3: Supply side measures
Tool 4.4: Financial incentive schemes

Tool 4.5: Local best practice plants


List of Tools
No. Title Type Info Download
4.1.2 Soltherm Europe Campaign Guidelines Guidelines Factsheet Download
4.1.3 European Solar Days Campaign Factsheet Download
4.2.1 Demand Side Measures Recommendations Factsheet Download
4.3.1 Supplier Training Courses Recommendations Factsheet Download
4.4.1 Financial Incentive Schemes Recommendations Factsheet Download
4.5.2 Programme of the Province of Turin for local best practice plants Best Practice Factsheet Download
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