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STO Ordinance Components
Ordinance Components
Flanking Measures

Drafting the right ordinance

Following categories of STO components are available:

Tool 3.1: Scope
Tool 3.2: Calculation procedures
Tool 3.3: Quality requirements
Tool 3.4: Architectural integration / protected buildings
Tool 3.5: Administration and procedures
Tool 3.6: Else

List of Tools
No. Title Type Info Download
3.1.1 Scope of a STO Recommendations Factsheet Download
3.2.1 Quantitative Obligation and Calculation Procedures Recommendations Factsheet Download
3.2.2 EN 15316-4-3 Standard Standard Factsheet Download
3.3.2 Quality Label Solar Keymark Quality Label Factsheet Download
3.4.1 Solar Thermal on Patrimony Heritage Buildings Recommendations Factsheet Download
3.6.1 STO Training for public staff Recommendations Factsheet Download
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